£15,000 Compensation for pneumatic driller

Injury: hand-arm vibration syndrome

Gordon was an experienced charge hand/manual worker with many years experience working with pneumatic drills and other similar tools. After long periods of continuous work with these tools Gordon began to suffer tingling sensations in his hands and was subsequently diagnosed with hand-arm vibration syndrome. Gordon’s employer denied liability so the case was prepared for trial but was settled out of court shortly before the trial date.

£4,000 Compensation for Bicycle Injury

Injury: hand, knee, shoulder, soft tissue

As she was cycling on her electrically assisted bicycle an oncoming car suddenly turned right across Hannah’s path causing a collision.  She suffered soft tissue injuries to her hand, knee and shoulder. The car driver initially denied liability but then admitted it but alleged that Hannah was partly to blame. Her injuries prevented Hannah from working as a cleaner and made it difficult for her to play with and care for her grandchildren.  After an exchange of medical evidence the car driver’s insurers made a full and final settlement offer which Hannah accepted.

£9,000 Compensation for Delivery Driver

Injury: arm

Stuart was a delivery driver who was injured when he had to park his lorry on a steep gradient when making a delivery. He used a pump truck to remove the pallet from the back of his vehicle but because of the steep gradient both the pump truck and pallet rolled out of the vehicle, Stuart tried to stop them and as he did so he injured his left arm.  There was nowhere else for him to park and we argued on his behalf that this was a foreseeable accident waiting to happen. Liability was denied throughout by Stuart’s employers and Court proceedings commenced. Although his employers continued to deny liability we achieved a settlement of £9000 for Stuart. Stuart’s claim had previously been rejected by another firm of Solicitors who did not think he would win his case.

£13,600 Compensation for Fall at Recycling Centre

Injury: shoulder, face

Gordon went to a refuse tip to dump waste for recycling.  After he had put it into the skip he turned to walk away but his feet became entangled in nylon strimmer wire that had been left on the ground. He tripped and lost his balance and fell to the ground landing heavily on his right shoulder and face. Gordon also damaged his shoulder and cut and bruised his face.

£11,500 Compensation for Construction Site Worker

Injury: hand

Barry was employed on a building site. He was asked to use a drill that he had not been adequately trained to use and the result was that he had a drilling accident and injured his hand.

£16,000 Compensation for Car Accident

Injury: whiplash, wrist, psychological damage

Nicola was a passenger in a car being driven by her husband. They saw a vehicle coming around a bend in the road from the opposite direction and that the driver of the oncoming vehicle had encroached onto their side of the road and was making little or no effort to move back to its correct side. The driver of the other vehicle simply continued on the wrong side of the road approaching at speed.  Nicola’s husband had already slowed down in anticipation and attempted to pull over onto an embankment but the other vehicle continued on its way without any discernible attempt to recover its position by moving to its correct side of the road.  The other driver collided with Nicola’s car causing serious injury to all occupants of the vehicle. Nicola suffered whiplash, a wrist injury and psychological damage.

£5,465 Compensation for Traffic Accident

Injury: neck, shoulder

As he was driving towards Derby along the A50 Mick was hit in the rear by another vehicle. He sustained whiplash injuries to his neck and shoulder.

£7,000 Compensation for Fall at Bus Station

Injury: knee, hand, ribs

Joyce was walking along a pathway at a bus station when she tripped and fell forwards on to her front injuring her knee, her hand and her ribs. There was a small rise on the ground, in particular a black and yellow “small” hump, which Joyce had not seen.

£2,100 Compensation for Trip on Pavement

Injury: wrist

Dominic and his girlfriend were walking his dog when he tripped on an upraised paving slab and fell, damaging his wrist.

£7,750 Compensation for Supermarket Manager

Injury: elbow

Nigel is a manager at a supermarket. During induction at the supermarket he was told that if a “Code 7” is announced on the tannoy that all managers must go to where there is an incident and assist. A ‘Code 7’ went out so Nigel went to the front of the store where there was a shoplifter. Our client had hold of the shoplifter’s shirt, the shoplifter tried to run away but Nigel was still holding on to the shirt and as he did so he fell over a bollard and onto the ground and broke his elbow.

£4,750 Compensation for Fall

Injury: shoulder, soft tissue

On the day of the accident Ian was looking for his cat which had jumped over a garden fence which had recently been erected. He leaned on the fence with his elbows to see where the cat had gone but as he did so the fence panel itself broke and collapsed. Ian fell a distance of approximately three feet into the adjoining school grounds. He fell onto his right shoulder causing a soft tissue injury. Compensation was successful recovered from the insurers of the company that had recently erected the fence.

£10,000 Compensation for Slip in Hotel Bathroom

Injury: leg, stitches, ankle, stomach, shoulder

Dorothy was travelling on a coach holiday for senior citizens. When they arrived at the hotel and she was shown to her room she noticed that there was no light in her en-suite bathroom and that there was only a small light over the washbasin. She also saw that there was neither a mat on the bathroom floor nor a non-slip mat in the bath itself. Dorothy asked about mats at reception but was told that the hotel did not have mats for the bathroom. In addition there were no handrails in the bathroom. The following morning Dorothy took a shower and was particularly careful but she unfortunately slipped on the floor as she stepped out of the shower.  Dorothy injured herself and needed eight stitches in her right leg and she suffered severe bruising on her right side, in particular to her ankle and stomach, and also to her right shoulder.

£3,213 for Bicycle Accident

Injury: knee, hand, toe, shoulder

Kitty was cycling when she was hit by a car. She fell to the ground and suffered injuries to her knees, hands, toes and shoulder.

£7,915 for Slip on Ice at work

Injury: elbow

Paula was a bakery assistant at a shop. One of her tasks involved pushing a trolley loaded with crates of bread to the shop floor and then moving the crates to the rear of the store.  On the day that she fell it was freezing cold outside and Paula was in the process of moving a trolley containing collapsed baskets outside to the rear of the store when she suddenly slipped on ice and fell to the ground. She broke her elbow. Paula said that the road at the back of the premises had not been gritted or salted before her accident.

£4,000 for Injury to Arm and Shoulder at Work

Injury: arm, shoulder

Our client, Samantha, was leaving the female locker room at work through the door which, because it was a fire door, had an automatic closing mechanism at the top. As she was walking through the door a metal box which was part of the mechanism, fell from the top of the door and hit her on the arm and shoulder.

£11,000 Compensation for Construction Injury

Injury: arm

CASE-STUDY-HEAD-3.pngEmployed as a labourer, Wayne was operating a jackhammer on a sloping bank and as he was doing this his right leg became entangled in the wire, he tripped and fell approximately 8 feet injuring his arm.

£95,000 Compensation for Injuries in a Car Accident

Injury: post concussion syndrome, ribs, shoulder, respiratory disability, psychological damage, irritability

Clive was driving a car when it was struck from behind by another saloon car.  As a result of the accident he suffered multiple injuries.  At the time of the accident Clive was employed by a large aerospace company as a project manager and he would also supplement his income by working as a taxi driver. As a result of the accident Clive suffered post concussion syndrome, a fracture to 8 ribs with flail chest, a collapsed lung, a comminuted fracture of the right shoulder joint, fractures to the right shoulder blade, fractures to the pubic rami, a fracture of the sacrum, respiratory disability, psychological damage in the form of emotional lability and irritability.

£5,500 Compensation for Catering Employee

Injury: hand

Joy was working in a kitchen and she leaned over to pull down the serving shutter that had already been reported as faulty. She had to apply extra force to close it and as she did so the shutter suddenly released itself and landed hard on her hand.

£7,350 Compensation for Shopper in a Market

Injury: knee

While she was looking around the market Irene tripped over a metal bar that had fallen from one of the market stalls and was lying on the ground. She injured her left shoulder and both knees.

£8,200 Compensation for Car Accident Injury

Injury: neck, shoulder

A work colleague gave Jill a lift home and Jill sat in the back seat of the car. Their vehicle was in the process of negotiating a roundabout, it was in the middle lane and stationary due to the volume of traffic and was waiting to go straight ahead when a goods vehicle hit the nearside of Jill’s car. Jill suffered a neck and shoulder injury.

£12,450 Compensation for Construction Worker

Injury: hand

Working as a demolition labourer on a construction site Dan and 3 work colleagues were asked by the site foreman to lift a large slab of concrete that weighed approximately 80 kg. They had to lift the concrete from the floor and carry it to the middle of the room and put it down again. Two work colleagues were on one side, Dan and another colleague were on the other side.  As they were lowering the concrete slab the two colleagues on the opposite side of the slab to Dan, suddenly and without giving him any warning, dropped the slab. Dan was unable to pull his hand out in time and it got trapped between the slab and the floor. Dan’s hand was injured.