£6,000 Compensation for Injury in Company Grounds

Injury: knee, back

Following a change in work premises Teresa was required to work temporarily in a portakabin. Access to the portakabin was along a small pathway but because of the building works at her place of employment part of the pathway had been removed which resulted in Teresa falling in the paving ‘gap’. She injured her left knee and lower back and medical evidence showed that the fall had brought forward degenerative change in her knee. A settlement was agreed following Court proceedings.

£10,000 Compensation for Car Accident

Injury: face, teeth, mouth, whiplash, psychological damage

Jo was a passenger in a car when she was injured in a high speed road accident. The car came off the road and crashed into a tree. Jo had facial injuries and lost some teeth, she suffered whiplash and psychological injury.

£16,000 Compensation for Car Accident

Injury: whiplash, wrist, psychological damage

Nicola was a passenger in a car being driven by her husband. They saw a vehicle coming around a bend in the road from the opposite direction and that the driver of the oncoming vehicle had encroached onto their side of the road and was making little or no effort to move back to its correct side. The driver of the other vehicle simply continued on the wrong side of the road approaching at speed.  Nicola’s husband had already slowed down in anticipation and attempted to pull over onto an embankment but the other vehicle continued on its way without any discernible attempt to recover its position by moving to its correct side of the road.  The other driver collided with Nicola’s car causing serious injury to all occupants of the vehicle. Nicola suffered whiplash, a wrist injury and psychological damage.

£7,000 Compensation for Fall at Bus Station

Injury: knee, hand, ribs

Joyce was walking along a pathway at a bus station when she tripped and fell forwards on to her front injuring her knee, her hand and her ribs. There was a small rise on the ground, in particular a black and yellow “small” hump, which Joyce had not seen.

£10,000 Compensation for Slip in Hotel Bathroom

Injury: leg, stitches, ankle, stomach, shoulder

Dorothy was travelling on a coach holiday for senior citizens. When they arrived at the hotel and she was shown to her room she noticed that there was no light in her en-suite bathroom and that there was only a small light over the washbasin. She also saw that there was neither a mat on the bathroom floor nor a non-slip mat in the bath itself. Dorothy asked about mats at reception but was told that the hotel did not have mats for the bathroom. In addition there were no handrails in the bathroom. The following morning Dorothy took a shower and was particularly careful but she unfortunately slipped on the floor as she stepped out of the shower.  Dorothy injured herself and needed eight stitches in her right leg and she suffered severe bruising on her right side, in particular to her ankle and stomach, and also to her right shoulder.

£33,924 Compensation for Back Injury at Work

Injury: back

Harry was employed to deliver and install photocopiers. He and three of his colleagues drove to a business in Bristol to deliver a photocopier and set it up. This involved transporting the photocopier to an upstairs room via a spiral staircase.  As Harry and his colleagues were in the process of moving the photocopier up the staircase he felt a sudden pain in his back. He had previously raised concerns about the heavy lifting however no procedures were ever implemented to reduce the risk of injury. Harry continues to suffer from a painful back.

£18,168 Compensation for Road Traffic Accident

Injury: whiplash

Jim was a passenger in a works van travelling northbound on the M6. On the road there were flashing matrix signs warning that the slow and middle lanes were closing down directly ahead. Jim’s driver slowed down before eventually stopping in a line of traffic. The driver of the vehicle behind Jim failed to stop in time or at all and collided heavily with the rear of Jim’s stationary van propelling it into another vehicle immediately in front of it.  Both Jim and his driver were injured, Jim suffered whiplash.

£4,000 Compensation for Back Injury at Work

Injury: back

One of Damon’s tasks at work was to collect and carry rolled up industrial safety nets and check them for damage. The nets were approximately 9 x 16 metres and weigh over 20kg and on this particular day the nets were wet and probably weighed in excess of 30kg.  As Damon was carrying a roll he felt a sudden sharp pain in his back.  He had at no point received any manual handling training or safe working practices training.

£6,250 for Hip Injury in Supermarket

Injury: hip, back

Last year Sonia was shopping at her local supermarket pushing a trolley alongside the refrigerated section when she slipped on a puddle of milk on the floor. She fell to the floor and injured her hip and back.

£4000 Compensation for Injury during a Delivery

Injury: back

Jason was working for a carpet store through an employment agency.  He was unloading a lorry full of carpets and was pulling on one of the rolls of carpet when the wrapping around the carpet was ripped, Jason lost his balance and fell backwards onto his back.

£2250 Compensation for Delivery Driver

Injury: back

At 0630 in the morning Jeff was working as a delivery driver. He was standing at the back of the lorry to reach up for a carpet above head height.  As he was in the process of pulling the carpet out he grasped hold of what he believed was plastic covering the carpet but which, in fact, turned out to be merely some plastic covering on the inner tube which came away so suddenly that Jeff lost his balance, fell off the lorry and landed on his back and injured it.

£3500 Compensation for Supermarket Injury

Injury: back

Peter was working in a supermarket and was in the process of trying to place a price label on the plastic strip on a bottom shelf.  Suddenly a bag of dog food weighing 800g fell from the top shelf and landed on his lower back causing a back injury.

£1000 Compensation for Beauty Treatment Injury

Injury: vagina

Vanessa goes to a beauty salon on a monthly basis to have a bikini wax. On one occassion during the waxing process a large piece of hot wax dropped onto her vagina and burned her.

£95,000 Compensation for Injuries in a Car Accident

Injury: post concussion syndrome, ribs, shoulder, respiratory disability, psychological damage, irritability

Clive was driving a car when it was struck from behind by another saloon car.  As a result of the accident he suffered multiple injuries.  At the time of the accident Clive was employed by a large aerospace company as a project manager and he would also supplement his income by working as a taxi driver. As a result of the accident Clive suffered post concussion syndrome, a fracture to 8 ribs with flail chest, a collapsed lung, a comminuted fracture of the right shoulder joint, fractures to the right shoulder blade, fractures to the pubic rami, a fracture of the sacrum, respiratory disability, psychological damage in the form of emotional lability and irritability.

£8,082 Compensation for Office Injury

Injury: back

Harry works at a Quarry as the Weighbridge Operative. He was sitting in his office looking at his computer screen when one of the wheels on the swivel chair on which he was sitting collapsed. Harry received a severe downward jolt which gave him an injury in his lower back.

£85,000 Compensation for Construction Site Injury

Injury: pelvis, head, finger, scarring, shock

While Steve was employed and working on a building site in Devon, he was struck, without warning, by falling masonry. He suffered a broken pelvis in two places, two broken fingers, cuts to the head, extensive bruising, scarring and shock. He sued his employers for negligence and was awarded compensation of £85,000.

£24,000 Compensation for Care Worker

Injury: back

Rosemary’s job is to provide daily care to a house of 4 residents with severe learning disabilities, one of whom requires the use of a wheelchair.  Rosemary had to get one of the residents to college and although the student had a car, due to his disability, he needed Rosemary to drive it for him. Rosemary placed ramps into the back of the car but since the ramps were only 4-5ft long it meant that she had to push the wheelchair up a steep gradient and in pushing the wheelchair Rosemary injured her back. After the incident the Occupational Therapy Department investigated the matter and found that the ramps were too short and that the vehicle was inappropriate and should no longer be used.