£40,000 Compensation for Pedestrian Traffic Injury

Injury: head, brain damage

On Boxing Day Shaun had been drinking heavily with a friend at a local pub. Shortly after closing time he left the pub and attempted to cross over the road in order to walk home. As he stepped out into the road he was knocked down by a car and suffered serious injuries including a head injury with residual brain damage.  Despite the fact that the driver of the car had no insurance and that he denied liability, a claim against the driver was successfully pursued and settled shortly before a two day trial.

£20,000 Compensation for Injury in a Supermarket

Injury: head, neck, headaches

Barbara was awarded £20,000 for long-term headaches and neck pain. When she was shopping in the frozen food section at the supermarket Barbara lifted the lid of a chest freezer to reach inside. The lid hit her on the back of the head causing concussion. The supermarket was sued and Barbara was awarded damages.

£95,000 Compensation for Injuries in a Car Accident

Injury: post concussion syndrome, ribs, shoulder, respiratory disability, psychological damage, irritability

Clive was driving a car when it was struck from behind by another saloon car.  As a result of the accident he suffered multiple injuries.  At the time of the accident Clive was employed by a large aerospace company as a project manager and he would also supplement his income by working as a taxi driver. As a result of the accident Clive suffered post concussion syndrome, a fracture to 8 ribs with flail chest, a collapsed lung, a comminuted fracture of the right shoulder joint, fractures to the right shoulder blade, fractures to the pubic rami, a fracture of the sacrum, respiratory disability, psychological damage in the form of emotional lability and irritability.

£115,000 Compensation for Road Traffic Accident

Injury: head, memory impairment

Matthew was working for traffic management contractors on the M5 motorway between junctions 25 and 26. On the day of the accident he was sitting in the driver's seat of a stationary truck, legally parked, in an area that had been cordoned off by cones when a Ford Mondeo entered the coned-off area and struck the front of Matthew’s truck.  The driver of the car died of his injuries.  Matthew suffered a severe to very severe head injury and has been left with memory impairment and has significant difficulty in learning and retaining new information. Matthew has also suffered a personality change.  The award was for the injury and the loss of future earnings.

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