£29,000 Compensation for Victim of Salmonella Poisoning

Injury: Chronic Pain & Psychological Damage

Tanya, aged 37 years, was on holiday with her children in Turkey when she suffered salmonella poisoning as result of consuming a mushroom omelette. She had to go to hospital for the removal of her gallbladder and has suffered continuing problems with her digestive system ever since. The hotel operators while accepting liability did not initially take the matter seriously and offered £6,428 in settlement. Court action was taken resulting in Tanya recovering compensation of £29,000

£7,500 Compensation for Care Worker

Injury: chronic pain

CASE-STUDY-HEAD-2.pngAs a Care Worker Carole had a range of duties. On the day in question she was asked to take a patient out for the day. The patient had been suffering with poor eyesight and had not long had an operation. Carole asked a supervisor for a wheelchair but this request was refused on the basis that the supervisor considered the patient could still walk. Carole therefore took the patient out for the day and took her on a bus and a train. By the end of the day Carole was exhausted because the patient, needing support, had been leaning on her and putting her weight on her for much of the day.  Since then Carole has been suffering with pain down her right side.

£17,500 Compensation for Cleaner

Injury: chronic pain

Sofia was employed as a cleaner and her regular duties included cleaning the mixing tanks which are about 8 or 9 ft off the ground. To reach the tanks Sofia climbed a ladder which was fixed to the tank but not fixed to the ground. As Sofia went back down the ladder it wobbled and her leg went through the rungs of the ladder. As she tried to pull her leg free she lost her balance and fell from the ladder and landed astride a raised pipe. Sofia suffered a leg injury with chronic pain.