£30,000 Compensation for 90 Year Old Knocked Down by Car

Injury: hip fracture, loss of mobility

William who is 90 years old was knocked down by a car reversing out of an obscured driveway. Liability was admitted. William suffered a fracture to his left hip which would affect him for the rest of his life.  It affected his confidence and mobility and brought forward his aging process by 3 - 4 years. He was no longer able to play golf or enjoy other hobbies such as gardening. Compensation received of £30,000.

£3,500 Compensation for Woman who Falls in Coffee Shop

Injury: back

Margaret aged 64 years was visiting a coffee shop in Kingston upon Thames when she tripped up on two loose strips of rubber and fell suffering injuries to her back. Initially the coffee company offered £1,500 in settlement . On our advice Margaret rejected this offer and following further medical investigations Margaret recovered compensation of £3,500.

£375,000 Compensation for School Girl in Road Traffic Accident

Injury: soft tissue, pelvis, rectal, scarring, psychological symptons

Anne who is a 15 year old school girl was involved in a road traffic accident when she was knocked down by a car whilst walking to school and sustained life threatening injuries including multiple soft tissue injuries in the pelvis and rectal area requiring a colostomy. She suffered extensive scarring and ankle/leg injuries together with psychological symptoms. She was seen by a Consultant Obstetrician and gynecologist, orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, urologist, plastic surgeon, psychologist, colorectal surgeon and neurologist. Following extensive negotiations with the Defendant Insurers involving ourselves a settlement was achieved in the sum of £375,000.

£9,000 for Ankle Fall in Car Park

Injury: ankle

Jane was walking across a dark car park of a Public House when she fell in a pot hole injuring the ligaments in her right ankle with continuing symptoms. She underwent X-rays and an MRI scan and was advised to have an operation. She had to rely on family and friends for care and assistance around the home. She received £9,000 compensation.

In excess of £180,000 Compensation for Pedestrian Hit by Car

Injury: leg, ankle

A 20 year old Art Student, Zoe, was knocked down by a car at a zebra crossing in London. Zoe’s leg and ankle were seriously injured and she required operations. She was unable to return to college and her chosen career as a fine art restorer was no longer possible. The car driver’s insurers made a financial offer but Zoe rejected it. Following a two day trial the judge accepted that she could not work to her full potential and had lost the opportunity of working in a job she loved and completing a series of commissioned work.

£29,000 Compensation for Trip on Pavement

Injury: leg, femur

Frances tripped over a broken paving stone in a street in London and she fractured her right femur. The council accepted liability but argued over the level of care required by Frances from her husband and other family members. The case was finally settled and Frances was awarded £29,000.

£4,000 Compensation for Bicycle Injury

Injury: hand, knee, shoulder, soft tissue

As she was cycling on her electrically assisted bicycle an oncoming car suddenly turned right across Hannah’s path causing a collision.  She suffered soft tissue injuries to her hand, knee and shoulder. The car driver initially denied liability but then admitted it but alleged that Hannah was partly to blame. Her injuries prevented Hannah from working as a cleaner and made it difficult for her to play with and care for her grandchildren.  After an exchange of medical evidence the car driver’s insurers made a full and final settlement offer which Hannah accepted.

£6,000 Compensation for Injury in Company Grounds

Injury: knee, back

Following a change in work premises Teresa was required to work temporarily in a portakabin. Access to the portakabin was along a small pathway but because of the building works at her place of employment part of the pathway had been removed which resulted in Teresa falling in the paving ‘gap’. She injured her left knee and lower back and medical evidence showed that the fall had brought forward degenerative change in her knee. A settlement was agreed following Court proceedings.

£11,000 Compensation for Trip in Restaurant

Injury: ankle

Stephanie went out for a meal with her son and husband to a restaurant that had deliberately dimmed lighting to create an atmosphere. In addition, the floor was dark brown and to outline the edge of a step there was a black strip across it.  Because of the poor lighting Stephanie did not notice the step, or the black strip, and she tripped and injured her right ankle. The restaurant refused to accept that it was at fault and completely denied liability. The matter was therefore heard before a Judge at trial who accepted Stephanie’s evidence that she could not see where she was going and awarded her damages in full.

£11,000 Compensation for Refuse Collection Driver

Injury: leg

Trevor was a trade refuse collector working for a national company. He went to collect refuse from a regular customer but was unable to reverse his lorry to collect it because there were cars blocking his path. He therefore maneuvered the lorry closer to the bin before jumping out of his cab in the correct manner. He landed on a sloping wooden ‘roof’ that extended past a border garden onto the main driveway of the car park. The roof had not been cleaned and Trevor slipped and injured his left leg. Liability was denied by the customer both on the facts of the case and also because the customer denied that their premises were ‘work premises’ for Trevor.  We maintained our argument that there was a claim against the premises under workplace regulations even though Trevor did not work there.  Liability continued to be denied and Court proceedings commenced.  In the end the Defendants agreed to compensate Trevor to the sum of £11,000.

£87,500 Compensation for Injury on Construction Site

Injury: knee, groin

When he was working on a construction site Garth fell from a damaged works’ truck and injured his knee and groin.

£3,200 Compensation for Shopping Injury

Injury: foot

Lara was shopping in a department store. She was looking at a shoulder height rail of clothes by a wall when she tripped on a glass panel that had been left on the floor. She then caught the side of the rail hurting her foot.

£10,000 Compensation for Slip in Hotel Bathroom

Injury: leg, stitches, ankle, stomach, shoulder

Dorothy was travelling on a coach holiday for senior citizens. When they arrived at the hotel and she was shown to her room she noticed that there was no light in her en-suite bathroom and that there was only a small light over the washbasin. She also saw that there was neither a mat on the bathroom floor nor a non-slip mat in the bath itself. Dorothy asked about mats at reception but was told that the hotel did not have mats for the bathroom. In addition there were no handrails in the bathroom. The following morning Dorothy took a shower and was particularly careful but she unfortunately slipped on the floor as she stepped out of the shower.  Dorothy injured herself and needed eight stitches in her right leg and she suffered severe bruising on her right side, in particular to her ankle and stomach, and also to her right shoulder.

£6,250 for Hip Injury in Supermarket

Injury: hip, back

Last year Sonia was shopping at her local supermarket pushing a trolley alongside the refrigerated section when she slipped on a puddle of milk on the floor. She fell to the floor and injured her hip and back.

£3,213 for Bicycle Accident

Injury: knee, hand, toe, shoulder

Kitty was cycling when she was hit by a car. She fell to the ground and suffered injuries to her knees, hands, toes and shoulder.

£5,815 for Delivery Driver Slip on Ice

Injury: knee

Charlie is employed as a driver for a haulage company and one of his duties involves collecting water on a daily basis from the premises of customers.  Last winter in the snow Charlie arrived at 3.30 in the morning at one customer’s premises and drove his vehicle into the loading bay. He got out of his vehicle and slipped on the icey ground injuring his knees. The whole loading area at that time was covered in ice and Charlie told us that in the days leading up to the 5th January when he fell he had advised staff on a number of occasions at the loading bay about the danger with the ice on the ground and he recommended that they put salt down on it.

£2,500 for Delivery Driver’s Knee Injury

Injury: knee

As a delivery driver Angus was taking food stuffs to the cinema section of a complex in Castleford. He had to transport the food using a metal cage on wheels and needed to take the cage into a lift. On this occasion a wheel of the cage got caught on a tangled and protruding section of matting on the surface of the lift. Angus had to exert considerable pressure to the cage to free the matting and in doing so he injured his knee. Angus had to visit the cinema complex again some time later and he saw that the matting was still there but that the offending section has been cut out of it.

£3,944 for Injury Lifting a Load

Injury: neck, pelvis

Donald was employed at a London Mail Centre. He picked up a bag of post to put it on to the weighing scales but as he did so he injured his neck and pelvis. The maximum weight that employees may carry is 11 kilograms however this particular bag weighed over 17 kilograms.

£12,084 Compensation for Warehouse Injury

Injury: foot

Employed as a Shop Assistant in a supermarket, Christopher’s main duties are shelf filling on the shop floor.   On the day of the accident he was instructed to help out in the Warehouse and to unload a lorry.  Christopher was attempting to manoeuvre a manual pump truck loaded with a pallet of beans but as he was doing so a pallet slipped and crushed his foot.

£21,340 Compensation for Bar Injury

Injury: ankle

On the day of the accident Susie went into a bar and at the time she went in the stairs were dry. However, when she left the bar the stairs were wet and they had become extremely slippery as a result Susie had a bad fall and broke her ankle.

£17,500 Compensation for Pedestrian Hit by Car

Injury: leg

As he was crossing the road at lights which were on red to traffic, Frank was hit by a car and his leg was broken.

£5,500 Compensation for Fall on Pavement

Injury: ankle

Walking along the pavement Siobhan fell into a pothole and sprained her ankle. She claimed against her council for not keeping the pavement in a good state of repair.

£7,350 Compensation for Shopper in a Market

Injury: knee

While she was looking around the market Irene tripped over a metal bar that had fallen from one of the market stalls and was lying on the ground. She injured her left shoulder and both knees.

£19,000 Compensation for Fall in Office

Injury: hip

Karen, who worked as a Funeral Service Arranger, was just sitting down on her chair in her office when one of the chair arms, which had already become loose through wear and tear, gave way. Karen lost her balance and fell on to the ground and broke her hip.

£12,500 Compensation for Supermarket Employee

Injury: knee

Rosemary was pulling a metal cage of stock onto the shop floor, she went through the double doors but after she pulled the cage around the corner she tripped over some cartons of milk that a work colleague had left in the middle of the aisle. Rosemary fell and injured her knee.

£7,000 for Catering Employee

Injury: hip

Maria was employed by a large catering company. She had just finished the night shift and was cleaning up ready for the day shift to start. She gathered up some rubbish to carry it to the food compactor.  She walked through a door leading to the warehouse but as she went through it she slipped on a puddle of oil on to the floor and injured her hip. A container full of used chip fat had been left there but the container was so full that fat had overflowed onto the floor.

£15,000 Compensation for Fitter

Injury: ankle

David was inserting screws into some ironwork which had been placed on a table in front of him. The table collapsed with the ironwork on it and fell onto his foot causing him a serious ankle injury.

£17,500 Compensation for Cleaner

Injury: chronic pain

Sofia was employed as a cleaner and her regular duties included cleaning the mixing tanks which are about 8 or 9 ft off the ground. To reach the tanks Sofia climbed a ladder which was fixed to the tank but not fixed to the ground. As Sofia went back down the ladder it wobbled and her leg went through the rungs of the ladder. As she tried to pull her leg free she lost her balance and fell from the ladder and landed astride a raised pipe. Sofia suffered a leg injury with chronic pain.

£25,000 Compensation for Medical Negligence

Injury: knee

While she was in hospital for the replacement of a joint in her arthritic left knee Margaret was fitted with an inappropriate new joint and her knee then became infected. Margaret had to undergo further operations to correct the error. A claim was pursued against the hospital and eventually Margaret was awarded compensation for Medical Negligence.