£29,000 Compensation for Victim of Salmonella Poisoning

Injury: Chronic Pain & Psychological Damage

Tanya, aged 37 years, was on holiday with her children in Turkey when she suffered salmonella poisoning as result of consuming a mushroom omelette. She had to go to hospital for the removal of her gallbladder and has suffered continuing problems with her digestive system ever since. The hotel operators while accepting liability did not initially take the matter seriously and offered £6,428 in settlement. Court action was taken resulting in Tanya recovering compensation of £29,000

£10,000 Compensation for Car Accident

Injury: face, teeth, mouth, whiplash, psychological damage

Jo was a passenger in a car when she was injured in a high speed road accident. The car came off the road and crashed into a tree. Jo had facial injuries and lost some teeth, she suffered whiplash and psychological injury.

£16,000 Compensation for Car Accident

Injury: whiplash, wrist, psychological damage

Nicola was a passenger in a car being driven by her husband. They saw a vehicle coming around a bend in the road from the opposite direction and that the driver of the oncoming vehicle had encroached onto their side of the road and was making little or no effort to move back to its correct side. The driver of the other vehicle simply continued on the wrong side of the road approaching at speed.  Nicola’s husband had already slowed down in anticipation and attempted to pull over onto an embankment but the other vehicle continued on its way without any discernible attempt to recover its position by moving to its correct side of the road.  The other driver collided with Nicola’s car causing serious injury to all occupants of the vehicle. Nicola suffered whiplash, a wrist injury and psychological damage.

£95,000 Compensation for Injuries in a Car Accident

Injury: post concussion syndrome, ribs, shoulder, respiratory disability, psychological damage, irritability

Clive was driving a car when it was struck from behind by another saloon car.  As a result of the accident he suffered multiple injuries.  At the time of the accident Clive was employed by a large aerospace company as a project manager and he would also supplement his income by working as a taxi driver. As a result of the accident Clive suffered post concussion syndrome, a fracture to 8 ribs with flail chest, a collapsed lung, a comminuted fracture of the right shoulder joint, fractures to the right shoulder blade, fractures to the pubic rami, a fracture of the sacrum, respiratory disability, psychological damage in the form of emotional lability and irritability.