Accidents at Work

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£15,000 Compensation for pneumatic driller

Injury: hand-arm vibration syndrome

Gordon was an experienced charge hand/manual worker with many years experience working with pneumatic drills and other similar tools. After long periods of continuous work with these tools Gordon began to suffer tingling sensations in his hands and was subsequently diagnosed with hand-arm vibration syndrome. Gordon’s employer denied liability so the case was prepared for trial but was settled out of court shortly before the trial date.

£6,000 Compensation for Injury in Company Grounds

Injury: knee, back

Following a change in work premises Teresa was required to work temporarily in a portakabin. Access to the portakabin was along a small pathway but because of the building works at her place of employment part of the pathway had been removed which resulted in Teresa falling in the paving ‘gap’. She injured her left knee and lower back and medical evidence showed that the fall had brought forward degenerative change in her knee. A settlement was agreed following Court proceedings.

£11,000 Compensation for Refuse Collection Driver

Injury: leg

Trevor was a trade refuse collector working for a national company. He went to collect refuse from a regular customer but was unable to reverse his lorry to collect it because there were cars blocking his path. He therefore maneuvered the lorry closer to the bin before jumping out of his cab in the correct manner. He landed on a sloping wooden ‘roof’ that extended past a border garden onto the main driveway of the car park. The roof had not been cleaned and Trevor slipped and injured his left leg. Liability was denied by the customer both on the facts of the case and also because the customer denied that their premises were ‘work premises’ for Trevor.  We maintained our argument that there was a claim against the premises under workplace regulations even though Trevor did not work there.  Liability continued to be denied and Court proceedings commenced.  In the end the Defendants agreed to compensate Trevor to the sum of £11,000.

£9,000 Compensation for Delivery Driver

Injury: arm

Stuart was a delivery driver who was injured when he had to park his lorry on a steep gradient when making a delivery. He used a pump truck to remove the pallet from the back of his vehicle but because of the steep gradient both the pump truck and pallet rolled out of the vehicle, Stuart tried to stop them and as he did so he injured his left arm.  There was nowhere else for him to park and we argued on his behalf that this was a foreseeable accident waiting to happen. Liability was denied throughout by Stuart’s employers and Court proceedings commenced. Although his employers continued to deny liability we achieved a settlement of £9000 for Stuart. Stuart’s claim had previously been rejected by another firm of Solicitors who did not think he would win his case.

£87,500 Compensation for Injury on Construction Site

Injury: knee, groin

When he was working on a construction site Garth fell from a damaged works’ truck and injured his knee and groin.

£11,500 Compensation for Construction Site Worker

Injury: hand

Barry was employed on a building site. He was asked to use a drill that he had not been adequately trained to use and the result was that he had a drilling accident and injured his hand.

£7,750 Compensation for Supermarket Manager

Injury: elbow

Nigel is a manager at a supermarket. During induction at the supermarket he was told that if a “Code 7” is announced on the tannoy that all managers must go to where there is an incident and assist. A ‘Code 7’ went out so Nigel went to the front of the store where there was a shoplifter. Our client had hold of the shoplifter’s shirt, the shoplifter tried to run away but Nigel was still holding on to the shirt and as he did so he fell over a bollard and onto the ground and broke his elbow.

£8,000 Compensation for Injury at Work

Injury: head, neck

Employed at a young offender institute, Luke was on duty in the morning when some young offenders went to a youth centre for breakfast. While they were there some of the offenders played pool but the white ball became stuck inside the table. Luke opened the pool table and lifted the slate lid. Two of the offenders held the lid while Luke retrieved the ball but as he was reaching for the ball one of the offenders let go of their side of the slate and the lid fell giving him head and neck injuries.

£33,924 Compensation for Back Injury at Work

Injury: back

Harry was employed to deliver and install photocopiers. He and three of his colleagues drove to a business in Bristol to deliver a photocopier and set it up. This involved transporting the photocopier to an upstairs room via a spiral staircase.  As Harry and his colleagues were in the process of moving the photocopier up the staircase he felt a sudden pain in his back. He had previously raised concerns about the heavy lifting however no procedures were ever implemented to reduce the risk of injury. Harry continues to suffer from a painful back.

£18,168 Compensation for Road Traffic Accident

Injury: whiplash

Jim was a passenger in a works van travelling northbound on the M6. On the road there were flashing matrix signs warning that the slow and middle lanes were closing down directly ahead. Jim’s driver slowed down before eventually stopping in a line of traffic. The driver of the vehicle behind Jim failed to stop in time or at all and collided heavily with the rear of Jim’s stationary van propelling it into another vehicle immediately in front of it.  Both Jim and his driver were injured, Jim suffered whiplash.

£4,000 Compensation for Back Injury at Work

Injury: back

One of Damon’s tasks at work was to collect and carry rolled up industrial safety nets and check them for damage. The nets were approximately 9 x 16 metres and weigh over 20kg and on this particular day the nets were wet and probably weighed in excess of 30kg.  As Damon was carrying a roll he felt a sudden sharp pain in his back.  He had at no point received any manual handling training or safe working practices training.

£3,100 for being pierced by hypodermic needle

Injury: psychological symptoms

Dick was employed by the Council as an educational/enforcement officer. One of his tasks was to address the issue of fly tipping by searching through ‘black bags’ to try to find out the identity of possible offenders. On one occasion Dick was going through a black bag on Fore Street, Topsham, Exeter when unexpectedly a hypodermic needle pierced the side of the bag and caught him in the hand. At the time he was wearing gloves that had been provided by the council but the gloves were only made of thin plastic and did not stop the needle going through the plastic and into his hand. Dick needed to undergo blood tests to ensure that he had not contracted any diseases. He was awarded £3,100 in damages for the fear he had of contracting a disease and as a result he suffered psychological symptoms.

£7,915 for Slip on Ice at work

Injury: elbow

Paula was a bakery assistant at a shop. One of her tasks involved pushing a trolley loaded with crates of bread to the shop floor and then moving the crates to the rear of the store.  On the day that she fell it was freezing cold outside and Paula was in the process of moving a trolley containing collapsed baskets outside to the rear of the store when she suddenly slipped on ice and fell to the ground. She broke her elbow. Paula said that the road at the back of the premises had not been gritted or salted before her accident.

£4,000 for Injury to Arm and Shoulder at Work

Injury: arm, shoulder

Our client, Samantha, was leaving the female locker room at work through the door which, because it was a fire door, had an automatic closing mechanism at the top. As she was walking through the door a metal box which was part of the mechanism, fell from the top of the door and hit her on the arm and shoulder.

£5,815 for Delivery Driver Slip on Ice

Injury: knee

Charlie is employed as a driver for a haulage company and one of his duties involves collecting water on a daily basis from the premises of customers.  Last winter in the snow Charlie arrived at 3.30 in the morning at one customer’s premises and drove his vehicle into the loading bay. He got out of his vehicle and slipped on the icey ground injuring his knees. The whole loading area at that time was covered in ice and Charlie told us that in the days leading up to the 5th January when he fell he had advised staff on a number of occasions at the loading bay about the danger with the ice on the ground and he recommended that they put salt down on it.

£2,500 for Delivery Driver’s Knee Injury

Injury: knee

As a delivery driver Angus was taking food stuffs to the cinema section of a complex in Castleford. He had to transport the food using a metal cage on wheels and needed to take the cage into a lift. On this occasion a wheel of the cage got caught on a tangled and protruding section of matting on the surface of the lift. Angus had to exert considerable pressure to the cage to free the matting and in doing so he injured his knee. Angus had to visit the cinema complex again some time later and he saw that the matting was still there but that the offending section has been cut out of it.

£3,944 for Injury Lifting a Load

Injury: neck, pelvis

Donald was employed at a London Mail Centre. He picked up a bag of post to put it on to the weighing scales but as he did so he injured his neck and pelvis. The maximum weight that employees may carry is 11 kilograms however this particular bag weighed over 17 kilograms.

£12,084 Compensation for Warehouse Injury

Injury: foot

Employed as a Shop Assistant in a supermarket, Christopher’s main duties are shelf filling on the shop floor.   On the day of the accident he was instructed to help out in the Warehouse and to unload a lorry.  Christopher was attempting to manoeuvre a manual pump truck loaded with a pallet of beans but as he was doing so a pallet slipped and crushed his foot.

£4000 Compensation for Injury during a Delivery

Injury: back

Jason was working for a carpet store through an employment agency.  He was unloading a lorry full of carpets and was pulling on one of the rolls of carpet when the wrapping around the carpet was ripped, Jason lost his balance and fell backwards onto his back.

£11,000 Compensation for Construction Injury

Injury: arm

CASE-STUDY-HEAD-3.pngEmployed as a labourer, Wayne was operating a jackhammer on a sloping bank and as he was doing this his right leg became entangled in the wire, he tripped and fell approximately 8 feet injuring his arm.

£2250 Compensation for Delivery Driver

Injury: back

At 0630 in the morning Jeff was working as a delivery driver. He was standing at the back of the lorry to reach up for a carpet above head height.  As he was in the process of pulling the carpet out he grasped hold of what he believed was plastic covering the carpet but which, in fact, turned out to be merely some plastic covering on the inner tube which came away so suddenly that Jeff lost his balance, fell off the lorry and landed on his back and injured it.

£3500 Compensation for Supermarket Injury

Injury: back

Peter was working in a supermarket and was in the process of trying to place a price label on the plastic strip on a bottom shelf.  Suddenly a bag of dog food weighing 800g fell from the top shelf and landed on his lower back causing a back injury.

£5,500 Compensation for Catering Employee

Injury: hand

Joy was working in a kitchen and she leaned over to pull down the serving shutter that had already been reported as faulty. She had to apply extra force to close it and as she did so the shutter suddenly released itself and landed hard on her hand.

£19,000 Compensation for Fall in Office

Injury: hip

Karen, who worked as a Funeral Service Arranger, was just sitting down on her chair in her office when one of the chair arms, which had already become loose through wear and tear, gave way. Karen lost her balance and fell on to the ground and broke her hip.

£12,500 Compensation for Supermarket Employee

Injury: knee

Rosemary was pulling a metal cage of stock onto the shop floor, she went through the double doors but after she pulled the cage around the corner she tripped over some cartons of milk that a work colleague had left in the middle of the aisle. Rosemary fell and injured her knee.

£7,500 Compensation for Care Worker

Injury: chronic pain

CASE-STUDY-HEAD-2.pngAs a Care Worker Carole had a range of duties. On the day in question she was asked to take a patient out for the day. The patient had been suffering with poor eyesight and had not long had an operation. Carole asked a supervisor for a wheelchair but this request was refused on the basis that the supervisor considered the patient could still walk. Carole therefore took the patient out for the day and took her on a bus and a train. By the end of the day Carole was exhausted because the patient, needing support, had been leaning on her and putting her weight on her for much of the day.  Since then Carole has been suffering with pain down her right side.

£7,000 for Catering Employee

Injury: hip

Maria was employed by a large catering company. She had just finished the night shift and was cleaning up ready for the day shift to start. She gathered up some rubbish to carry it to the food compactor.  She walked through a door leading to the warehouse but as she went through it she slipped on a puddle of oil on to the floor and injured her hip. A container full of used chip fat had been left there but the container was so full that fat had overflowed onto the floor.

£15,000 Compensation for Fitter

Injury: ankle

David was inserting screws into some ironwork which had been placed on a table in front of him. The table collapsed with the ironwork on it and fell onto his foot causing him a serious ankle injury.

£8,082 Compensation for Office Injury

Injury: back

Harry works at a Quarry as the Weighbridge Operative. He was sitting in his office looking at his computer screen when one of the wheels on the swivel chair on which he was sitting collapsed. Harry received a severe downward jolt which gave him an injury in his lower back.

£12,450 Compensation for Construction Worker

Injury: hand

Working as a demolition labourer on a construction site Dan and 3 work colleagues were asked by the site foreman to lift a large slab of concrete that weighed approximately 80 kg. They had to lift the concrete from the floor and carry it to the middle of the room and put it down again. Two work colleagues were on one side, Dan and another colleague were on the other side.  As they were lowering the concrete slab the two colleagues on the opposite side of the slab to Dan, suddenly and without giving him any warning, dropped the slab. Dan was unable to pull his hand out in time and it got trapped between the slab and the floor. Dan’s hand was injured.

£17,500 Compensation for Cleaner

Injury: chronic pain

Sofia was employed as a cleaner and her regular duties included cleaning the mixing tanks which are about 8 or 9 ft off the ground. To reach the tanks Sofia climbed a ladder which was fixed to the tank but not fixed to the ground. As Sofia went back down the ladder it wobbled and her leg went through the rungs of the ladder. As she tried to pull her leg free she lost her balance and fell from the ladder and landed astride a raised pipe. Sofia suffered a leg injury with chronic pain.

£115,000 Compensation for Road Traffic Accident

Injury: head, memory impairment

Matthew was working for traffic management contractors on the M5 motorway between junctions 25 and 26. On the day of the accident he was sitting in the driver's seat of a stationary truck, legally parked, in an area that had been cordoned off by cones when a Ford Mondeo entered the coned-off area and struck the front of Matthew’s truck.  The driver of the car died of his injuries.  Matthew suffered a severe to very severe head injury and has been left with memory impairment and has significant difficulty in learning and retaining new information. Matthew has also suffered a personality change.  The award was for the injury and the loss of future earnings.

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£85,000 Compensation for Construction Site Injury

Injury: pelvis, head, finger, scarring, shock

While Steve was employed and working on a building site in Devon, he was struck, without warning, by falling masonry. He suffered a broken pelvis in two places, two broken fingers, cuts to the head, extensive bruising, scarring and shock. He sued his employers for negligence and was awarded compensation of £85,000.

£24,000 Compensation for Care Worker

Injury: back

Rosemary’s job is to provide daily care to a house of 4 residents with severe learning disabilities, one of whom requires the use of a wheelchair.  Rosemary had to get one of the residents to college and although the student had a car, due to his disability, he needed Rosemary to drive it for him. Rosemary placed ramps into the back of the car but since the ramps were only 4-5ft long it meant that she had to push the wheelchair up a steep gradient and in pushing the wheelchair Rosemary injured her back. After the incident the Occupational Therapy Department investigated the matter and found that the ramps were too short and that the vehicle was inappropriate and should no longer be used.