£7,500 Compensation for Care Worker

Injury: chronic pain

CASE-STUDY-HEAD-2.pngAs a Care Worker Carole had a range of duties. On the day in question she was asked to take a patient out for the day. The patient had been suffering with poor eyesight and had not long had an operation. Carole asked a supervisor for a wheelchair but this request was refused on the basis that the supervisor considered the patient could still walk. Carole therefore took the patient out for the day and took her on a bus and a train. By the end of the day Carole was exhausted because the patient, needing support, had been leaning on her and putting her weight on her for much of the day.  Since then Carole has been suffering with pain down her right side.

£24,000 Compensation for Care Worker

Injury: back

Rosemary’s job is to provide daily care to a house of 4 residents with severe learning disabilities, one of whom requires the use of a wheelchair.  Rosemary had to get one of the residents to college and although the student had a car, due to his disability, he needed Rosemary to drive it for him. Rosemary placed ramps into the back of the car but since the ramps were only 4-5ft long it meant that she had to push the wheelchair up a steep gradient and in pushing the wheelchair Rosemary injured her back. After the incident the Occupational Therapy Department investigated the matter and found that the ramps were too short and that the vehicle was inappropriate and should no longer be used.