£15,000 Compensation for pneumatic driller

Injury: hand-arm vibration syndrome

Gordon was an experienced charge hand/manual worker with many years experience working with pneumatic drills and other similar tools. After long periods of continuous work with these tools Gordon began to suffer tingling sensations in his hands and was subsequently diagnosed with hand-arm vibration syndrome. Gordon’s employer denied liability so the case was prepared for trial but was settled out of court shortly before the trial date.

£6,000 Compensation for Injury in Company Grounds

Injury: knee, back

Following a change in work premises Teresa was required to work temporarily in a portakabin. Access to the portakabin was along a small pathway but because of the building works at her place of employment part of the pathway had been removed which resulted in Teresa falling in the paving ‘gap’. She injured her left knee and lower back and medical evidence showed that the fall had brought forward degenerative change in her knee. A settlement was agreed following Court proceedings.

£87,500 Compensation for Injury on Construction Site

Injury: knee, groin

When he was working on a construction site Garth fell from a damaged works’ truck and injured his knee and groin.

£11,500 Compensation for Construction Site Worker

Injury: hand

Barry was employed on a building site. He was asked to use a drill that he had not been adequately trained to use and the result was that he had a drilling accident and injured his hand.

£11,000 Compensation for Construction Injury

Injury: arm

CASE-STUDY-HEAD-3.pngEmployed as a labourer, Wayne was operating a jackhammer on a sloping bank and as he was doing this his right leg became entangled in the wire, he tripped and fell approximately 8 feet injuring his arm.

£12,450 Compensation for Construction Worker

Injury: hand

Working as a demolition labourer on a construction site Dan and 3 work colleagues were asked by the site foreman to lift a large slab of concrete that weighed approximately 80 kg. They had to lift the concrete from the floor and carry it to the middle of the room and put it down again. Two work colleagues were on one side, Dan and another colleague were on the other side.  As they were lowering the concrete slab the two colleagues on the opposite side of the slab to Dan, suddenly and without giving him any warning, dropped the slab. Dan was unable to pull his hand out in time and it got trapped between the slab and the floor. Dan’s hand was injured.

£85,000 Compensation for Construction Site Injury

Injury: pelvis, head, finger, scarring, shock

While Steve was employed and working on a building site in Devon, he was struck, without warning, by falling masonry. He suffered a broken pelvis in two places, two broken fingers, cuts to the head, extensive bruising, scarring and shock. He sued his employers for negligence and was awarded compensation of £85,000.