£11,000 Compensation for Refuse Collection Driver

Injury: leg

Trevor was a trade refuse collector working for a national company. He went to collect refuse from a regular customer but was unable to reverse his lorry to collect it because there were cars blocking his path. He therefore maneuvered the lorry closer to the bin before jumping out of his cab in the correct manner. He landed on a sloping wooden ‘roof’ that extended past a border garden onto the main driveway of the car park. The roof had not been cleaned and Trevor slipped and injured his left leg. Liability was denied by the customer both on the facts of the case and also because the customer denied that their premises were ‘work premises’ for Trevor.  We maintained our argument that there was a claim against the premises under workplace regulations even though Trevor did not work there.  Liability continued to be denied and Court proceedings commenced.  In the end the Defendants agreed to compensate Trevor to the sum of £11,000.

£9,000 Compensation for Delivery Driver

Injury: arm

Stuart was a delivery driver who was injured when he had to park his lorry on a steep gradient when making a delivery. He used a pump truck to remove the pallet from the back of his vehicle but because of the steep gradient both the pump truck and pallet rolled out of the vehicle, Stuart tried to stop them and as he did so he injured his left arm.  There was nowhere else for him to park and we argued on his behalf that this was a foreseeable accident waiting to happen. Liability was denied throughout by Stuart’s employers and Court proceedings commenced. Although his employers continued to deny liability we achieved a settlement of £9000 for Stuart. Stuart’s claim had previously been rejected by another firm of Solicitors who did not think he would win his case.

£33,924 Compensation for Back Injury at Work

Injury: back

Harry was employed to deliver and install photocopiers. He and three of his colleagues drove to a business in Bristol to deliver a photocopier and set it up. This involved transporting the photocopier to an upstairs room via a spiral staircase.  As Harry and his colleagues were in the process of moving the photocopier up the staircase he felt a sudden pain in his back. He had previously raised concerns about the heavy lifting however no procedures were ever implemented to reduce the risk of injury. Harry continues to suffer from a painful back.

£5,815 for Delivery Driver Slip on Ice

Injury: knee

Charlie is employed as a driver for a haulage company and one of his duties involves collecting water on a daily basis from the premises of customers.  Last winter in the snow Charlie arrived at 3.30 in the morning at one customer’s premises and drove his vehicle into the loading bay. He got out of his vehicle and slipped on the icey ground injuring his knees. The whole loading area at that time was covered in ice and Charlie told us that in the days leading up to the 5th January when he fell he had advised staff on a number of occasions at the loading bay about the danger with the ice on the ground and he recommended that they put salt down on it.

£2,500 for Delivery Driver’s Knee Injury

Injury: knee

As a delivery driver Angus was taking food stuffs to the cinema section of a complex in Castleford. He had to transport the food using a metal cage on wheels and needed to take the cage into a lift. On this occasion a wheel of the cage got caught on a tangled and protruding section of matting on the surface of the lift. Angus had to exert considerable pressure to the cage to free the matting and in doing so he injured his knee. Angus had to visit the cinema complex again some time later and he saw that the matting was still there but that the offending section has been cut out of it.

£4000 Compensation for Injury during a Delivery

Injury: back

Jason was working for a carpet store through an employment agency.  He was unloading a lorry full of carpets and was pulling on one of the rolls of carpet when the wrapping around the carpet was ripped, Jason lost his balance and fell backwards onto his back.

£2250 Compensation for Delivery Driver

Injury: back

At 0630 in the morning Jeff was working as a delivery driver. He was standing at the back of the lorry to reach up for a carpet above head height.  As he was in the process of pulling the carpet out he grasped hold of what he believed was plastic covering the carpet but which, in fact, turned out to be merely some plastic covering on the inner tube which came away so suddenly that Jeff lost his balance, fell off the lorry and landed on his back and injured it.