£6,000 Compensation for Injury in Company Grounds

Injury: knee, back

Following a change in work premises Teresa was required to work temporarily in a portakabin. Access to the portakabin was along a small pathway but because of the building works at her place of employment part of the pathway had been removed which resulted in Teresa falling in the paving ‘gap’. She injured her left knee and lower back and medical evidence showed that the fall had brought forward degenerative change in her knee. A settlement was agreed following Court proceedings.

£19,000 Compensation for Fall in Office

Injury: hip

Karen, who worked as a Funeral Service Arranger, was just sitting down on her chair in her office when one of the chair arms, which had already become loose through wear and tear, gave way. Karen lost her balance and fell on to the ground and broke her hip.

£8,082 Compensation for Office Injury

Injury: back

Harry works at a Quarry as the Weighbridge Operative. He was sitting in his office looking at his computer screen when one of the wheels on the swivel chair on which he was sitting collapsed. Harry received a severe downward jolt which gave him an injury in his lower back.