In excess of £180,000 Compensation for Pedestrian Hit by Car

Injury: leg, ankle

A 20 year old Art Student, Zoe, was knocked down by a car at a zebra crossing in London. Zoe’s leg and ankle were seriously injured and she required operations. She was unable to return to college and her chosen career as a fine art restorer was no longer possible. The car driver’s insurers made a financial offer but Zoe rejected it. Following a two day trial the judge accepted that she could not work to her full potential and had lost the opportunity of working in a job she loved and completing a series of commissioned work.

£40,000 Compensation for Pedestrian Traffic Injury

Injury: head, brain damage

On Boxing Day Shaun had been drinking heavily with a friend at a local pub. Shortly after closing time he left the pub and attempted to cross over the road in order to walk home. As he stepped out into the road he was knocked down by a car and suffered serious injuries including a head injury with residual brain damage.  Despite the fact that the driver of the car had no insurance and that he denied liability, a claim against the driver was successfully pursued and settled shortly before a two day trial.

£20,625 Compensation for Pedestrian Hit by Car

Injury: soft tissue

As Fred and Nancy were crossing the road they were hit by a reversing car. They each suffered multiple soft tissue and muscular injuries.

£17,500 Compensation for Pedestrian Hit by Car

Injury: leg

As he was crossing the road at lights which were on red to traffic, Frank was hit by a car and his leg was broken.

£5,500 Compensation for Fall on Pavement

Injury: ankle

Walking along the pavement Siobhan fell into a pothole and sprained her ankle. She claimed against her council for not keeping the pavement in a good state of repair.