£7,750 Compensation for Supermarket Manager

Injury: elbow

Nigel is a manager at a supermarket. During induction at the supermarket he was told that if a “Code 7” is announced on the tannoy that all managers must go to where there is an incident and assist. A ‘Code 7’ went out so Nigel went to the front of the store where there was a shoplifter. Our client had hold of the shoplifter’s shirt, the shoplifter tried to run away but Nigel was still holding on to the shirt and as he did so he fell over a bollard and onto the ground and broke his elbow.

£5,000 Settlement for Fall in Supermarket Car Park

Injury: face, teeth

As he was walking through a supermarket car park on his way back to his car Conrad tripped and fell on some low slung strapping which was surrounding part of the trolley parking area. As a result of tripping he suffered facial injuries and loss of teeth.

£6,250 for Hip Injury in Supermarket

Injury: hip, back

Last year Sonia was shopping at her local supermarket pushing a trolley alongside the refrigerated section when she slipped on a puddle of milk on the floor. She fell to the floor and injured her hip and back.

£12,084 Compensation for Warehouse Injury

Injury: foot

Employed as a Shop Assistant in a supermarket, Christopher’s main duties are shelf filling on the shop floor.   On the day of the accident he was instructed to help out in the Warehouse and to unload a lorry.  Christopher was attempting to manoeuvre a manual pump truck loaded with a pallet of beans but as he was doing so a pallet slipped and crushed his foot.

£3500 Compensation for Supermarket Injury

Injury: back

Peter was working in a supermarket and was in the process of trying to place a price label on the plastic strip on a bottom shelf.  Suddenly a bag of dog food weighing 800g fell from the top shelf and landed on his lower back causing a back injury.

£12,500 Compensation for Supermarket Employee

Injury: knee

Rosemary was pulling a metal cage of stock onto the shop floor, she went through the double doors but after she pulled the cage around the corner she tripped over some cartons of milk that a work colleague had left in the middle of the aisle. Rosemary fell and injured her knee.